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Our Mission

Warrior Outreach, Inc. supports Veterans, Service Members, and their Families by offering a wide variety of equine related activities. Warrior Outreach Ranch offers confidence building, instructional and relaxing opportunities to interact with horses and enjoy family bonding.

Our main focus  is to assist Soldiers and Families in transitioning and adjusting to life after traumatic occurrences and family separation due to deployments such as war.  Our Horsemanship Program is designed to provide support, similar to equine therapy, to Veteran and their Families in the tri-community area.  We are staffed entirely by caring Volunteers and are privately funded by your donations.

Warrior Outreach partners with businesses and Volunteers in the local area to provide a free Veterans Helping Veterans home repair service for disabled and deserving Veterans and their surviving family members.  100% of your contributions go to providing support to those who need it the most.  Warrior Outreach, Inc. partners with Heartland Therapeutic Programs.

Samuel Rhodes, founder of Warrior Outreach, is profiled in CNN

Riding for a cause

In 2008, Rhodes started building out his horse ranch and created Warrior Outreach, a non-profit that provides free access to horses for veterans and their families.
Vets and their families can come here to learn to ride and groom horses, host kids' birthday parties or just get a moment of solitude on the ranch trails.
"It started as an idea to get people exposed to horses and get them to understand just how much it helps."
Horses have been used for other therapeutic reasons. They've helped people with spinal cord injuries and autism.
For Rhodes, caring for the ranch and its 17 horses has helped keep his mind busy.
"I want structure. I want a routine. I had that in combat."
But it hasn't cured him.
"I still have depression. Life's not easy."
Perhaps the biggest thing Warrior Outreach has provided Rhodes and the others vets is a sense of community.