Warrior Outreach Ranch and Community Center

The Warrior Outreach Ranch and Community Center offers opportunities for :

Family Bonding


Interact With Horses

Riding Lessons

Team Building Opportunities


Riding Lessons at the Ranch
Riding Lessons

2019 Officers

President & CEO-Founder: CSM (retired) Samuel M. Rhodes Sr.
Vice President: 1SG (retired) Richard Turner
Vice President of Operations:  Jill Carson
Vice President Equine Activities: Antony Robb
Vice President Veterans Assistance projects:  Bruce Machado
Vice President Liaison Community Support: Wally Pizarro
Secretary: Jen Duval
Treasurer: Treasurer: Melissa Seifken
Certified Public accountant: William Ellison
PAO/Website: Nina Gomez/Michelle Bradley/Stacy Harding
Event Coordinator: Sam Rhodes
Equine Activities – Rosemary Peschke/Anthony Robb/Wally Pizarro
Operation Song: Bob Regan
Golf Scramble – Georgette Morgan/Stacy Harding/Debbie Donaldson
Veterans Assistance –Samuel Rhodes, Sr.
Volunteer Coordinator – Zoila Colon

2019 Board of Directors

GEN (retired) Charlie Jones
CSM (retired) Phil Johndrow
Ms. Lisa Scully


Ms. Leigh E. Ertle, LPC Certified PATH Instructor, Equine Assisted Therapy
Mr. Ira Meyers
General (retired) George W. Casey
Ms. Melissa Siefken
Ms. Jill Carlson