Warrior Outreach Ranch and Community Center

The Warrior Outreach Ranch and Community Center offers opportunities for :

Family Bonding


Interact With Horses

Riding Lessons

Team Building Opportunities


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2016 Summary of Support

2017 Warrior Outreach Pledge

Riding Lessons and Horsemanship Activities Monthly
Provide trail riding Team Building for Veterans, Service members and their Families in order to continue to develop structure with emphasis on importance of Horses in building confidence
Conduct 2 Horsemanship Events for Service Members open to the Community in APR/OCT 2017
Support Columbus Dream Center in order to help feed over 300 Family Members monthly
Provided Opportunity for Veterans, Widow’s, etc… to use their story as a song using Nashville Singer Song Writers as part of “Operation SONG” at our facilities on APR/July 2017
Assist 40 Families of Veterans in order to increase the Quality of Life of Veterans and or their WIDOW’ s
Provide FREE Sports and Entertainment Tickets for Service members and their Families
Conduct Warrior Outreach Golf Scramble 4 June 2016
TOYS for Veterans Children

2 Scholarship of $1000 dollars
1000 books on PTS and STIGMA Reduction for Free

2017 Officers

President & CEO-Founder: CSM (retired) Samuel M. Rhodes Sr.
Vice President: 1SG (retired) Richard Turner
Secretary: Carol George
Treasurer: Debbie Donaldson
Certified Public accountant: William Ellison
PAO/Website: Nina Gomez
Event Coordinator: Cathy Rhodes
Equine Activities – Noelle Tiner/Rosemary Peschke/Anthony Robb
Operation Song: Bod Regan
Golf Scramble – Lance Hoffman
Veterans Assistance –SSG Hansen, SSG Shaw
Volunteer Coordinator – Sam Rhodes
Editor: Christine Mazoi

2017 Board of Directors

COL (retired) William Simril
CSM (retired) James Dale
CSM (retired) Phil Johndrow


Ms. Leigh E. Ertle, LPC Certified PATH Instructor, Equine Assisted Therapy
Mr. Ira Meyers
General (retired) George W. Casey