Upcoming Events


9- Warrior Weekend
11- 1-16 Hail and Farewekk and Band Steel Music
29- Horsemanship


7- Horsemanship
14- Warrior Weekend

23 March- CAVHS  10-2 PM

27-28 March -2020  8th Annual Operation Song at Warrior Outreach


4- Horsemanship
18- Warrior Weekend
25- Horsemanship

27 April -CAVHS  10-2 P


16- Graduation Event

18 May - CAVHS  10-2 PM

****There will be no-riding from 23-26 May, Events can be scheduled during that period by emailing WarrioroutreachVetassistance@Gmail.com


5 June  2020 Award of Warrior Outreach, Art Chriss, Memorial Scholarship! Apply now!
5 June 2020  Warrior Outreach Golf Scramble held at Fort Benning Golf Course
22 June 2020 CAVHS  10-2 PM



Recurring Events

Riding lessons are on Saturdays from 9 am - 12 pm PM beginning 1 April 2019.

Riding is conducted by RSVP only. Email Sam Rhodes at warrioroutreach@gmail.com

Individuals are welcome to coordinate to come out on other days by direct Coordination with the Warrior Outreach. Riding hours will be extended when the Daily Light saving time is adjusted

Feeding The Needy and Bagging Groceries at Columbus Dream Center

Support Columbus Dream center feeding the needy occurs the third Friday (Noon to 1 PM) and Sat (11-2 PM) of every month. If you are available please contact Charlie White @ charliewhite@knology.net

Columbus Dream Center- Map

Warrior Outreach Ranch

Any organization that is associated with Veterans, their Families or Active Duty military members may use the Warrior Outreach Facilities. To coordinate dates and times, please email Cathy Rhodes at cathy.rhodes56@gmail.com

Riding Lessons

Warrior Outreach Ranch will now schedule Riding Lessons. To be linked up with a local Riding Lesson Instructor email us at warrioroutreach@gmail.com.


Volunteers are needed! Please donate your time and energy to this wonderful cause. For more information on volunteer opportunities, contact Sam Rhodes at 706-505-0708.