Warrior Outreach Ranch gets Home Depot Grant

The Home Depot approved a $4,300 grant for Warrior Outreach, money they put to good use by adding two playground facilities at the Warrior Outreach Ranch in Fortson, Georgia. Crews worked to put together two identical play sets, and a flower bed at the Ranch. They also gave away helmets for horseback riding. Sam Rhodes, president/CEO of Warrior Outreach, INC, says it is great to see Soldiers volunteering to help the community. Soldiers and their Families—their biggest challenges are sometimes themselves, and when they get around other people that care about them, and they see the great kindness that Home Depot’s giving, it really humbles you, and even some of the Soldiers that’s been challenged a great deal are now Volunteers out here on a regular basis, and they’re doing great.” The General Manager of the Home Depot in Phenix City and his team also helped to build the playgrounds, which are built from scratch.